Monday, January 23, 2012

The 10th of January. A date to remember.

^ that date is my favorite date.  It's really a meaningful date for me :) 
You know why? Because it's my birthday!!! and oddly enough it's my boyfriend's birthday too! <3
what a coincidence right? but I love that we have the same birthday! We share our gifts to each other :)
I adore my birthday <3 hehe

And the past two weeks, I celebrated my 18th birthday, my debut. The so-called "coming of age as a fully grown lady". A "debut" is the "quinceanera" and "cotillion" of the Philippines. 

My debut was probably the most rushed event in the history of debuts. It was all planned in a week or two weeks.
but anyways, thanks for the help of my parents and my dear friends who's up to everything impromptu or not, we managed to celebrate a successful party!
Although my debut wasn't celebrated on the day of my birthday, due to schedule with school and etc. It was all worth it.

Here are some pictures, & you'll be the judge if it was a good party or not ;) Highlights from my Debut :)

(photo credit: Ranzphotography )

Pre debut pictorial, this was made poster size!

 Lookin' classy with my favorite color! Simple gown, I love it.

With my loving and very supportive parents :) I miss my sibs :(
First dance with best dad in the world! My dad :D

With my escort/bf :) <3
"debutant's love of her life" hahahaha.
last dance for the roses <3

During our cotillion dance :)
THE cotillion court :)
My loves :D

 And here's a video my friend's dad compiled (Yukcelle ╬ Photography )

Here's a link for the video:

Anyways, overall it was an amazing night with everyone.

I will never forget that night. Simple, yet amazing.  It was a date to remember.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

There's a beginning for everything.

Hello blogging world :) so, I decided to make a blog :D

Actually, one of my closest friend Phyllis recommended me to create one. She's been asking me to do it. haha So, why not try it right?
I'm not really a blogging kind of person though. But I'm willing to take this oppurtunity to express myself more through blogging. :) Feel free to comment to share ideas or give opinions!

Hope my blog will be interesting enough and worth re-visting. :P
This is a really new thing to me..a big start.. But there's always a beginning for everything right?

Hope everyone who visits this will come back again! <3