Sunday, January 15, 2012

There's a beginning for everything.

Hello blogging world :) so, I decided to make a blog :D

Actually, one of my closest friend Phyllis recommended me to create one. She's been asking me to do it. haha So, why not try it right?
I'm not really a blogging kind of person though. But I'm willing to take this oppurtunity to express myself more through blogging. :) Feel free to comment to share ideas or give opinions!

Hope my blog will be interesting enough and worth re-visting. :P
This is a really new thing to me..a big start.. But there's always a beginning for everything right?

Hope everyone who visits this will come back again! <3


  1. Yay welcome to the blogging world my dear friend! FINALLY!!! HAHAHA <3 and if you've got more questions, just ask me. Or maybe I'll give you girls some tips and more of a lecture about blogging. You'll soon see how fun blogging really is! <3

  2. welcome to blogging world dear!
    I will add you on my links :)
    and I totally agree, there's always a first time.
    have fun!

  3. Ate phyll- hehe <3 thank you my dear friend for recommending me! :D of course I sure will do ask you questions! I'm already having fun! woohoo! Thanks again! :)
    Faith- Hey Faith :) thanks for visiting my blog! :) omg, Thank you so much! :D