Thursday, February 16, 2012

Always love.

I just want to share this wonderful video by the jubileeProject called "Generosity Day: What is Love?" . It's a video showing different people, with different perspectives about what L-O-V-E really is. I love the fact that this video shows that love is more than just cards,chocolates and flowers. It really is..
By watching this video it made me think more what is love really meant for me.
Love is indeed indescribable, it's every emotion put together and love is not materialistic, it's genuine.

To whoever is reading this, watching this video is a must! haha. You should share me your definition too! I'd be really happy!

Make everyday Valentine's Day, by giving love to more people.
A day of sharing love to everyone.

And even though this is a late post. I'd like to greet everyone belated Happy Valentine's Day, and I love you.
I love my family, my besties and my boyfriend. I'm thankful for having them in my life.
and of course you readers ;]

Love people in every way everyday and so in that way you can be loved all the way. 

Don"t forget to always Love.

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